Monday, January 21, 2008

Fat Guy Stuck In Internet.

So I was digging around the adult swim website and found Ryan McFaul's Fat Guy Stuck In Internet.


I have to admit that I have never heard of of Ryan Mcfaul but his work reminds me of Dan Harmon.

Dan Harmon did Computerman with Jack Black and the best TV show (pilot) you never heard of Heat Vision and Jack (see video below).

Dan worked on the Sara Silverman Show (funny) and also Acceptable TV

I gotta say Acceptable TV was off the mark (at least the VH1 version is "meh") and could not live up to it's online counterpart Channel101 (awesome)

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David said...

A month later, it seems to be gone.

Which is a shame.

It seems to have just disappeared. I was surfing wikipedia, somehow got the idea to look up Gemberling, and ended up redirected to "Fat Guy Stuck in Internet". Wikipedia says the show's first season is in production, but adult swim doesn't seem to recognize its existence.

In any case, Fat Guy Stuck in Internet is a TV remake of a Channel 102 show called Gemberling. Gemberling was the longest-running original show at 8 episodes, the last over 15 minutes long.