Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Additional Comments

So it seems that my Microsoft Experience has caused a bit of buzz in the "Blogosphere."

I would like to clear up a few things that I have read:

BIC are the initials of my name (not Bic).

My first name was provided in the articlethat "broke" this story at Consumerist.

The call from 2006 or 2007 was the BSOD (which I believe was in part caused by putting Google Desktop on my PC and/or system tray ... not sure ... purely conjecture on my part).

The "Back to the Future Call" (which I like to think of it) was not a BSOD ... the support person told my parents it was about "internet connectivity" or my "internet connection being down ... something like that ...
to which I replied to my father "that sounds so archaic ... why would I make a call like that?"
I do remember making a call many years ago when I lived with my parents (1997 & 1998) ...
back then I could fathom making such a call.... after speaking with Webspan (my dialup ISP at the time) and Gateway (whom I just gotten my Gateway Destination with Windows 95 from).

Speaking on the phone with my parents, telling them the computer problem sounded archaic and looking at my keyboard made me come to the conclusion that there was a human Y2k error (if you can call it that).

Webspan's tech support was "meh"
Gateway's tech support was awesome back then.

I still have my Windows 95 COA(s) from 1997.
I still have my Gateway Destination with it's 32" CRT monitor (the monitor is still in use after 1 repair).

Microsoft (supposedly) called from this phone number
They asked for *me* and gave a 10 digit case # (ticket # or whatever you call it)

I lived with my folks in 1997 and part of 1998 .... I would only have provided MS with my parents' phone number in either of these two years (what can I say ... we didn't have Skype back then and I may not of even had my own cell # back then).

Google is not evil. Microsoft is not evil.

Microsoft's calling me back is a testimony to their superior technical support.

I can't say that i have ever called Google's technical support nor do i know If they even have technical support.

This is not a hoax

Well... gotta get ready for a date 2-night ....
so over and out.



Michael said...

You got the case number, so call back already and find out what the deal is, eh?

Joanna Stern said...

Could you email me at I have a few questions for a short article I am writing on this incident. Would love to chat for a few minutes. - Joanna