Tuesday, April 17, 2012

THQ, Marvel (o.k. Columbia Pictures) and The Mysterious Lumber Liquidators

Apologies and Credit to Rain Monkey on Fark

SOURCE: http://www.facebook.com/theamazingspiderman

The Advertisements placed in the Ad Card Slots in this Subway Car are Fake. Or should we say that the ads are actually engineered specifically for this Spiderman movie. Notice the Yellow ad in the Middle is for "Lumber Liquidators." An ad for Lumber makes absolutely no sense if it is targeting NYC commuters who live in apartment buildings.... but as mentioned, these ads are not genuine subway ads but actually product placement...

Here are some interesting tidbits:

On the Board of Directors of THQ sits the ex Chief Executive Officer of Lumber Liquidators. You might be asking yourself right now what the heck a guy who sells lumber knows about video games??? But if you click the link from Forbes you will see that Mr. Jeffries used to run the Show at Electronics Boutique later known as EB Games, now a subsidiary of Gamestop

Both Lumber Liquidators and THQ use the same marketing product placement firm Hero

"A Lumber Liquidators advertisement makes it into the publicity shot of Columbia Pictures upcoming event film "The Amazing Spiderman....Freedom fighters safeguard a Lumber Liquidators location in the demo of THQ's upcoming FPS game "Homefront."....The title character for "Chuck" wears a t-shirt with the title character for the "de Blob 2" video game...."

THQ on Hero

Lumber Liquidators on Hero

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