Friday, December 7, 2007

Mongoose it's Predator, I'm at the dropoff point

An ode to the old school dirtbikes with chrome pegs, I will be answer my phone at rendezvous point with the following code:

Mongoose it's Predator, I'm at the drop-off point.

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John said...

No way.

1. One even if someone made that mistake.They wouldn't have called back when they saw the case was 10 years old without action.

2. A case that was opened for more than 365 days would show up on the managers score card and you can be sure they would investigate.

3. Idle cases are worse than old cases and would get on the reports even faster.

4. No business review would have missed a 2 year old case.

5. It is more likely they tried to call you about the case at your primary number, you didn't answer and they tried a secondary that they had on file possibly from why back when you open a old case.